My Latest Work from WORLD on Campus

There's now one more place to see the writing of Michael Reneau, for better or worse. Since September, I've been a weekly opinion columnist for WORLD on Campus, a sister site to Christian magazine WORLD. WoC is delivers the same types of stories and content that WORLD Magazine does, just for a college-aged audience. My … Continue reading My Latest Work from WORLD on Campus


The South, Memory, and Meaning

I miss the South these days, which are odd days to miss it, since it’s being smothered by wet heat like a hot towel in a sauna. Nevertheless, the South is my home, and I miss her. I blame Warren Cole Smith for reminding me. To mark the forty-sixth anniversary of Flannery O’Connor’s death, in … Continue reading The South, Memory, and Meaning

>Character: The LOST King

>Live together, die alone.That couldn’t be more fitting. Like no telling how many millions of people, last night we were caught up in the season finale of one of the most successful television shows of all time: Lost.Much like my reading list, most of the TV-watching I do is focused on nonfiction: documentaries, the History … Continue reading >Character: The LOST King

>The Gospel Way

>Often times those who came before us seem to capture elegance and eloquence so much better than we. I wanted to share an example of that with a prayer I have been meditating on for several weeks. The Puritans had such a way of using words well.The Gospel WayBlessed Lord Jesus,No human mind could conceive … Continue reading >The Gospel Way

>Winter’s Stripes

>This morning as I drove across the river back into Rhea County, I happened to look up.The bridge that spanned the river inclined just enough to elevate me over the horizon's landscape. Driving east I saw the mountain line, which guards Dayton, and the valley below--still frozen from the night.  Hanging overhead of the valley … Continue reading >Winter’s Stripes

>A Little Poetry

> Given this Advent season, I thought I would share a poem I wrote last year in a creative writing course:Seasonal SensesSmell the scent, do you,of evergreen, of gingerbread?See the gleam, I doof colored lights, of silver bells.Hear the songs, can you,of carolers, of children's choirs?RememberingNativity.

>Coming and Going

>I can't help but notice the change the earth continually undergoes.Just a few weeks ago, driving through the Virginia and Carolina Blue Ridge, the mountain palette grabbed me and forced my eyes to gaze at its color. I wait for that time of year--when trees lose their greens and instead show off their warmer hues, the reds and … Continue reading >Coming and Going