About Michael

I’m a Christian, husband, father, writer, and journalist living in Greeneville, Tennessee. After starting out as a reporter then news editor for a community newspaper, I moved my family across the country to manage communications and write for a Christian non-profit in Colorado. In late 2013, we moved back to Tennessee to work for The Greeneville Sun, where I was named editor in 2015.

My writing is as varied as my interests and expertise: God, history, politics, media, family, parenthood, worldview, ethics, ideas, and others yet undiscovered. The trick to good writing is good thinking, and I strive to do both well.

Thanks for reading, and take care.


2 thoughts on “About Michael

  1. Hi Michael,

    Just signed up. Ahh, today’s techno-world – what a way to keep up with my newest son-in-law!


  2. Michael!
    What in the world?? We leave the country for 9 months and you guys up and head out west?!
    Sounds like you’re enjoying the adventure of life and we’re thrilled for you all. Maybe the five of us can catch up on skype sometime soon… we’d love to hear the latest.
    Elisabeth (&Taylor)

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