>The Gospel Way

>Often times those who came before us seem to capture elegance and eloquence so much better than we. I wanted to share an example of that with a prayer I have been meditating on for several weeks. The Puritans had such a way of using words well.The Gospel WayBlessed Lord Jesus,No human mind could conceive … Continue reading >The Gospel Way

>Winter’s Stripes

>This morning as I drove across the river back into Rhea County, I happened to look up.The bridge that spanned the river inclined just enough to elevate me over the horizon's landscape. Driving east I saw the mountain line, which guards Dayton, and the valley below--still frozen from the night.  Hanging overhead of the valley … Continue reading >Winter’s Stripes

>A Little Poetry

> Given this Advent season, I thought I would share a poem I wrote last year in a creative writing course:Seasonal SensesSmell the scent, do you,of evergreen, of gingerbread?See the gleam, I doof colored lights, of silver bells.Hear the songs, can you,of carolers, of children's choirs?RememberingNativity.

>Coming and Going

>I can't help but notice the change the earth continually undergoes.Just a few weeks ago, driving through the Virginia and Carolina Blue Ridge, the mountain palette grabbed me and forced my eyes to gaze at its color. I wait for that time of year--when trees lose their greens and instead show off their warmer hues, the reds and … Continue reading >Coming and Going

>Words (Originally from July 10, 2008)

>As I ineptly attempt to modify all the nuances of this new beast, I thought I would clue whatever readers I have in as to why I'm now experimenting in the blogosphere.I'm not new to social networking sites, as I have had a Facebook for almost three years, but a blog offers something more than … Continue reading >Words (Originally from July 10, 2008)