>Words (Originally from July 10, 2008)


As I ineptly attempt to modify all the nuances of this new beast, I thought I would clue whatever readers I have in as to why I’m now experimenting in the blogosphere.

I’m not new to social networking sites, as I have had a Facebook for almost three years, but a blog offers something more than Facebook. With Facebook, after all this time using it, I came to the realization a few weeks ago that I use it to mask myself. Editing my profile was really just editing a facade, a persona — I altered the person I wanted everyone to see. I took time to pick movie selections, music selections, photo albums, wall posts, and status changes so that I could essentially edit the me that everyone else on Facebook saw.

Now, I realize that I can do the exact same thing here on Xanga. It offers as many veritable choices as Facebook. But, the key difference with Xanga is that it is a blog — an outlet to write.

I’ve found, especially over the last year, that I am closest to the authentic me when I put myself down on paper. That does not necessitate a narcissistic blathering; rather, my writing, no matter what the subject, always gives a better picture of me than any collection of demographics, interests, etc. Words have power. Words have meaning. Words speak. And I’ve learned that if I am to let others know who I am, indeed if I am to know more about myself — traits worthy of boasting and of rebuking — I will do it best through words.

Plus, I just love to write.

That said, I’ll probably be a little skimpy on a lot of the personal information — those very things I talked about from Facebook. But I hope my words will offer enough to catch a glimpse of what’s going on in my head and in my heart. Thanks for reading.

Julie, I love you. . .


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