>A Crossroads

>This the first time I've written in quite a while. But I feel I have plenty of reason.I just learned I was not selected for National Public Radio's Kroc Fellowship. I knew my chances were slim — only three out of 350 applicants are awarded — but that doesn't dull my disappointment. It's not so … Continue reading >A Crossroads

>Life Approacheth

>I don't quite know what will come out of this when I'm done, but I wanted to comment on where life is headed.I've found myself more thankful for family this Christmas than I think I have ever been before--both my family and my wife-to-be's family. Life seems at its best with Dad sitting cross-legged in … Continue reading >Life Approacheth

>A Little Poetry

> Given this Advent season, I thought I would share a poem I wrote last year in a creative writing course:Seasonal SensesSmell the scent, do you,of evergreen, of gingerbread?See the gleam, I doof colored lights, of silver bells.Hear the songs, can you,of carolers, of children's choirs?RememberingNativity.


>Why is it that God breathes his love into us? Why is it that for no obvious reason, as I pack my bag and throw my trash away in the cafeteria, I look over at someone and am suddenly swallowing lumps, almost holding back tears, because for one instant I see her as the Father … Continue reading >Love