>Life Approacheth

>I don’t quite know what will come out of this when I’m done, but I wanted to comment on where life is headed.

I’ve found myself more thankful for family this Christmas than I think I have ever been before–both my family and my wife-to-be’s family. Life seems at its best with Dad sitting cross-legged in the living room floor, at the foot of our adorned tree, handing out gifts to us, or maybe watching Mom cut into the ham and working on the vegetables. Then again, watching my soon-to-be nieces, with their cute blond hair and Disney dresses, open their gifts was fun too. But maybe it was enjoying some very nice wine on the back porch of my (again, soon-to-be) father-in-law’s house, along with the brothers-in-law (yeah, they’re not “official” yet either), talking about life.

No, I think the best part was seeing Julie’s face come to life when I gave her a present, and then seeing it sparkle again when she saw how much I liked my present. And it was knowing she was sitting beside me as Dad played Santa and as Stephanie, Emily, and Kimberli whirled in their Princess dresses.

The best thing about this Christmas is that it’s actually exciting to be done with it for once, because in less than a week we will be one. And we will begin to build our life. Together.

How fitting; this is the time of the year when I am most nostalgic–I struggle to clutch memories of Christmases past with loved ones who have gone, or the anxiety and anticipation of childhood Christmas Eves. But this year, all I can think about is future with her. I’m nostalgic for the Christmas memories we have not yet lived–the ones I pray we do live.

It really is a wonderful time of year . . .


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