>Why is it that God breathes his love into us? Why is it that for no obvious reason, as I pack my bag and throw my trash away in the cafeteria, I look over at someone and am suddenly swallowing lumps, almost holding back tears, because for one instant I see her as the Father sees her? Though I don’t know her–I hardly know her name–and I’ve never spoken to her, for some reason I am filled with a surge of love for her.

In that instant, again for no obvious reason, I get the feeling that she is a loner, that she is not popular, that she is laughed at by others. And in that instant my heart breaks for her. In that instant I feel an urge in my marrow to hug her, or smile at her, or do something to let her know she is cared for.
Why would God offer such a glimpse of love? Why, when I don’t even know this person, does he fill me up with love that literally brings forth tears.

What is this love?
Even with such a glimpse I realize how incapable I am of loving anyone, let alone a stranger, in such a way. I am incapable of empathizing with anyone in such a way. But for reasons that puzzle me, God fills his children with his love. Even for but an instant, he fills us with love that knows no rival–love that brings us to our knees in joy and in sorrow. 
How unworthy am I.
What is this love?

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