The Land of Plenty

My wife and I wake up these days not to an alarm clock. We awake to the sniffles, grunts, groans, and cries of a hungry, almost three-month-old boy. Thankfully, for several weeks now, his hunger whines haven’t begun until we’ve gotten a good six, seven, even eight hours of sleep. When Jesse was first born, … Continue reading The Land of Plenty

Scopes isn’t cause for celebration

As happens in the newspaper world, this weekend I wrote an editorial in The Herald-News that may have assumed too much. While I know the overwhelming majority of folks who read our newspaper don’t keep up on the blogosphere, I figured I’d take advantage of modern communication and clarify a few things. The editorial I … Continue reading Scopes isn’t cause for celebration

>Perilous Days

> There are days in which I can do nothing but grieve. Our small community has seen and heard horrible things in recent days. An 88-year-old widow has died, and it may have been at the hands of an intruder in her home. A fierce collision took the life of a young mother this week. … Continue reading >Perilous Days

>Simple Creation

>Thanks to Alaiyo for starting this line of thinking.This week, for the first time in many weeks, I took time to enjoy Creation in simple ways. There's something almost mystical about the life and beauty of the natural world. Something as simple (thank you, Alaiyo) as mowing the yard showcases the versatility of not only … Continue reading >Simple Creation

>The Gospel Way

>Often times those who came before us seem to capture elegance and eloquence so much better than we. I wanted to share an example of that with a prayer I have been meditating on for several weeks. The Puritans had such a way of using words well.The Gospel WayBlessed Lord Jesus,No human mind could conceive … Continue reading >The Gospel Way