>Perilous Days

> There are days in which I can do nothing but grieve.

Our small community has seen and heard horrible things in recent days. An 88-year-old widow has died, and it may have been at the hands of an intruder in her home. A fierce collision took the life of a young mother this week. Another woman in her 80s was reportedly raped by someone who wandered into her nursing home room at 5 in the morning.

Creation is full of evil.

Seeing these things up close batters your spirit like a ship taking on heavy waters. The harder you’re hit, the more you’re reminded that there is something much bigger than you at work. You may know it is good, but the turbulence whirls you into depressed panic.

I can only imagine what it must be like to be a family member of someone stricken with such tragedy – such evil.

Scripture tells us why these things are, but sometimes that offers no comfort.

The waters come so quickly and are so fierce that all you can do is put your hands on your head and cry out.

Why is the world still like this? Why are people so evil? Why the suffering and injustice?

Then comes the answer, whispered so softly you would swear you imagined it: “I am here, and I am coming. And I love you.”

The rains continue to fall. The winds continue to gust. The waves continue to roll. But He is here, and He is working. And He loves those who are His.

Even so, some days I can only think of some of Christ’s last hours as He stared over Jerusalem and wept. And there are days all I can do is the same, for these are perilous days.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus. Come.


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