Trayvon Martion, George Zimmerman, and the Media

Even as the facts of the Trayvon Martin case swirl around in the murky water they’ve been in for more than a month, one bad guy in this case is easy to see: the news media. This story just won’t go away, and that’s deserved. This will likely prove a perplexing legal quagmire for weeks, … Continue reading Trayvon Martion, George Zimmerman, and the Media

Scopes isn’t cause for celebration

As happens in the newspaper world, this weekend I wrote an editorial in The Herald-News that may have assumed too much. While I know the overwhelming majority of folks who read our newspaper don’t keep up on the blogosphere, I figured I’d take advantage of modern communication and clarify a few things. The editorial I … Continue reading Scopes isn’t cause for celebration

>Perilous Days

> There are days in which I can do nothing but grieve. Our small community has seen and heard horrible things in recent days. An 88-year-old widow has died, and it may have been at the hands of an intruder in her home. A fierce collision took the life of a young mother this week. … Continue reading >Perilous Days

>A Crossroads

>This the first time I've written in quite a while. But I feel I have plenty of reason.I just learned I was not selected for National Public Radio's Kroc Fellowship. I knew my chances were slim — only three out of 350 applicants are awarded — but that doesn't dull my disappointment. It's not so … Continue reading >A Crossroads