Westward Reneaus

This is the longest I’ve been away from Tennessee in my entire life. Kind of weird. Julie, Jesse, and I have been out West for about a month. Already we’ve seen the morning sun glow on red rocks that jut from the ground. Two nights ago snow started falling, so walking to work since then … Continue reading Westward Reneaus

>The House on the Circle

>This the first I've written in a while, which is a bit sad. Life has been so busy lately, so hectic, that by the time I'm home for the night, I just want to relax. But I had to come back to myself. Here goes.The wife and I recently visited a place I haven't seen … Continue reading >The House on the Circle

>A Crossroads

>This the first time I've written in quite a while. But I feel I have plenty of reason.I just learned I was not selected for National Public Radio's Kroc Fellowship. I knew my chances were slim — only three out of 350 applicants are awarded — but that doesn't dull my disappointment. It's not so … Continue reading >A Crossroads

>Another Place

>This is my first psoting in almost two months. A lot has happened. Life has radically (and wonderfully, I might add) changed, and I am still caught in the undertoe of its newness, of its surprising challenges and pleasant rewards. One of these days I might try to synthesize something as big as getting married. … Continue reading >Another Place

>Mom, Dad, and Ashley

>Once again I find myself struck by my family as I prepare to embark on this new journey. Family really is a gift. There are days, of course, when I doubt that as everyone else does, but when it's all said and done, I can only be thankful for my family: Mom, Dad, and Ashley.This … Continue reading >Mom, Dad, and Ashley

>Life Approacheth

>I don't quite know what will come out of this when I'm done, but I wanted to comment on where life is headed.I've found myself more thankful for family this Christmas than I think I have ever been before--both my family and my wife-to-be's family. Life seems at its best with Dad sitting cross-legged in … Continue reading >Life Approacheth