>Another Place

>This is my first psoting in almost two months. A lot has happened. Life has radically (and wonderfully, I might add) changed, and I am still caught in the undertoe of its newness, of its surprising challenges and pleasant rewards. One of these days I might try to synthesize something as big as getting married. But for now I am bursting, and have been for several weeks, to write about something.

Lately I have felt a gravity from a land I have never been before, but that I feel like I know so well (and that fact perplexes me). I have but spoken to a few of her people, one of whom Julie and I encountered on the honeymoon, and we were blessed to have met her (and I don’t use that word lightly or as a cliche). Something about that conversation with Peace (I kid you not, her name was Peace) filled me.

Now I can’t quit thinking about that place — I fill my free time reading books and magazine articles on it; I watch documentaries on it; I talk to people who have called it home. I cannot explain this pull, this magnetism, toward this place. I only know that something is stirring in me — and my wife, which makes it only more compelling and striking. It’s the kind of compulsion that gives you something to hope for, though you have no vague semblance, let alone a crystallized image, of what.

But something stirs within us, and we can but trust that it is the Almighty controlling the rustling.

A friend once wrote about this place that holds our attention.


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