The Land of Plenty

My wife and I wake up these days not to an alarm clock. We awake to the sniffles, grunts, groans, and cries of a hungry, almost three-month-old boy. Thankfully, for several weeks now, his hunger whines haven’t begun until we’ve gotten a good six, seven, even eight hours of sleep. When Jesse was first born, … Continue reading The Land of Plenty

Scopes isn’t cause for celebration

As happens in the newspaper world, this weekend I wrote an editorial in The Herald-News that may have assumed too much. While I know the overwhelming majority of folks who read our newspaper don’t keep up on the blogosphere, I figured I’d take advantage of modern communication and clarify a few things. The editorial I … Continue reading Scopes isn’t cause for celebration

New Scopes Photos

The Smithsonian Institution Archives announced Thursday it will upload never-before published photos from the Scopes Evolution Trial held in Dayton, Tennessee, in July 1925. They'll be available at the Smithsonian's Flickr page on Friday, July 8. It's a pretty cool find. Take the time to check it out. Look for more information on the release … Continue reading New Scopes Photos

Watts Bar Lake

Beautiful Charleston

Father’s Day