>Cash for Clunkers . . . for Charity?

>I haven't gotten political on here very often, but I was struck with an insight a few days ago, and I don't think I've heard this perspective yet.The Cash for Clunkers program has been the subject of much talk lately: the media, blogs, Web sites, casual conversation, etc. It has surprised nearly everyone in the … Continue reading >Cash for Clunkers . . . for Charity?


>Pride and What Else?

>By now Tuesday's history has had time to sink in. The shock of the election has subsided a bit, and now is an appropriate time to comment on it.I was disappointed with our country's choice; for reasons I'll delve into soon, I am skeptical of our President-elect, and even a bit fearful. But, what happened … Continue reading >Pride and What Else?

>Political Panderings. . . and more (Originally from July 17, 2008)

>I sat in the passenger seat while Dad drove down the interstate; I still remember dashed lines┬árolling toward us. We entrenched ourselves in our sides of the conversation. He must have been discouraged, as he tried to get through to his arrogant, teenage son, who thought he knew better than this his father. Indeed, I … Continue reading >Political Panderings. . . and more (Originally from July 17, 2008)