Scopes isn’t cause for celebration

As happens in the newspaper world, this weekend I wrote an editorial in The Herald-News that may have assumed too much. While I know the overwhelming majority of folks who read our newspaper don’t keep up on the blogosphere, I figured I’d take advantage of modern communication and clarify a few things. The editorial I … Continue reading Scopes isn’t cause for celebration


New Scopes Photos

The Smithsonian Institution Archives announced Thursday it will upload never-before published photos from the Scopes Evolution Trial held in Dayton, Tennessee, in July 1925. They'll be available at the Smithsonian's Flickr page on Friday, July 8. It's a pretty cool find. Take the time to check it out. Look for more information on the release … Continue reading New Scopes Photos

Beautiful Charleston

>The House on the Circle

>This the first I've written in a while, which is a bit sad. Life has been so busy lately, so hectic, that by the time I'm home for the night, I just want to relax. But I had to come back to myself. Here goes.The wife and I recently visited a place I haven't seen … Continue reading >The House on the Circle

>Untitled (Originally from October 22, 2008)

>So, it's been a while since I last worte, on here at least. Hopefully I'll be adding more in the near future. For right now, though, here are some thoughts:Last night, the Worldview Team visited a Hindu Temple in Chattanooga with Rev. Augustine Asir, himself an Indian. While I don't have time to go into … Continue reading >Untitled (Originally from October 22, 2008)